About Us

At MindLevers, we believe in the power of teams. A team that is built on the foundation of trust leads to higher engagement, increased happiness and stronger performance. At the heart of a strong team is a great people manager who can understand, support and fulfill a team's potential.

As people managers, we were frustrated at the lack of strong development experiences that can help us and our teams grow. We have seen first-hand the outsized impact of a great people manager in any team - someone who can truly bring out the best in us. No one wants to be a bad manager, they just don't know how to be a great manager...yet.

That's why we created MindLevers. We wanted to create an experience that can deliver behavioral change and provide lasting impact. We decided to develop our own research-based methodology, tapping into a unique hybrid approach to development and facilitate cohort-based support network so we can be there throughout your managerial journey.

If you're interested in being a part of our journey, we would love to hear from you at help@mindlevers.com

MindLevers Team