People Manager Program for
First Time Managers

The MindLevers first time managers 12-weeks remote program brings together a group of people who want to be the best people leader they can be for their team.

Our research-based curriculum combines practical case studies, group facilitation, 1:1 coaching, and ongoing support to help you unlock the full potential of your team.

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Application Deadline: July 30th, 2021
Kick-off: August 11th, 2021
Apply by July 23rd to qualify for early bird pricing
Limited scholarships available

What is in the Program

Personalized development methodology

Each week we will cover different topics and actionable frameworks through a variety of delivery approaches that caters to your managerial style, team needs and goals. Expect around 3 to 4 hours of work each week which includes live sessions, case study discussions, feedback and follow-up conversations to drive real development.

Cohort-based support network

We strongly believe in the importance of creating a support network with people that are going through the same journey as you. It significantly increases the depth of learning by connecting with peers in a cohort solving similar problems to you. We will be facilitating group interactions both synchronously and asynchronously during and even post bootcamp.

1:1 coaching sessions

Work with our experienced leadership coach in 1:1 sessions to dive deeper into ways to develop yourself. We understand becoming your best self is hard work that's why we provide the support that you need. By investing in yourself to feel more positive, engaged, and connected, you will build a stronger and more trusting team to drive a high-performing culture that supercharges your team's success.

Practice and planning

Practical case studies and step-by-step worksheet and planning format to take the frameworks from Mind Levers and use them immediately with your team. New cases, worksheets and live sessions on a weekly basis to dive deeper on specific topics and questions. We want to help you apply what you learnt rather than memorize concepts.

Team Tools and Insights

Our flexible platform allows you to better understand your team needs, challenges, working styles and more at an ongoing basis. Our tools are complementary to our programs and can be used to continue to generate insights and goals with your goal even after the program finishes. The goal is to provide you with the relevant insights for you to take action.

Who should attend this program

First time people managers or folks who are early in their managerial journey who are currently managing a team and strive to develop themselves further.

This program is best for folks who want to:
  • Unlock the team's potential and better support them.
  • Learn more about themselves and enhance their people leadership skills.
  • Open to opportunities to learn and support peers through a community based experience.
  • Develop trust with the team to drive high performance culture
  • Drive behavioral change within the team with long-lasting impact
  • Put in the effort to be the best manager ever.

How the program works


Apply and tell us about you

The goal of the application form is for us to get to know you so we can tailor the program for your needs. We also carefully curate the program so we can match you with a diverse group of peers. We'll get you setup and also give you a chance to ask questions too.


Attend, learn and practice

Throughout the program, you will attend live sessions, 1:1 coaching, peer facilitated discussions and practical case studies so you can apply concepts in real life. Our team and your peers will be there to answer questions and provide support as part of your development.


Get insights into your team

The Mind Levers product and worksheets is an important way to learn about yourself and your team. It will also allow our coaches and trainers to better understand your leadership styles, team needs and challenges so they can equip you with tools for your day-to-day work.


Tap into the community

As an alumni of the programs, you will have access to ongoing events, community discussions, and discount for ongoing 1:1 coaching and other programs. Being a manager is not a once-off training session. Once you're part of the pack, we will be here for you.

Built and led by an experienced team

Kat Cornwell

Kat is an action-oriented and innovative people builder who works to serve the greater good. With nearly 18 years experience in talent and learning, she fully understands the needs of the business and those responsible for the work in order to effectively design and deploy any people strategy or learning intervention. Most recently, she led a leadership and management curriculum which supported the needs of five global businesses and served over 65,000 veterinary professionals at Mars Veterinary Health. Kat graduated from Wichita State University and completed Cornell University’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program. Kat holds numerous certifications, including Foundations in Neuroleadership and master facilitator for Crucial Learning’s Influencer and Crucial Accountability programs.

Krissie McMenamin

Krissie is a storyteller, connector, space-creator, and founder on a mission to make this world a more curious, compassionate, and playful place. To MindLevers, she brings her great energy, global perspective, and expertise in social-emotional intelligence, leadership development, and human connection. She has more than a decade in marketing at W. P. Carey, a NYSE-traded REIT, Citi, and serving on the leadership team and Director of Content Marketing and Brand at Paro, a fast-scaling future of work startup based in Chicago. Krissie has a BA in English - creative writing and Spanish from Barnard College, Columbia University, an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the Kellogg School of Management and she’s currently engaging in deep yearning-based learning at the Wright Graduate University where she is getting her second master’s in Transformational Leadership and Coaching.


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